Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Stillen supercharger update

The MJP (Eastern Auto) 350Z has just received a Stage 4 upgrade which consists of smaller drive pulley to generate a little more boost, Walbro 255 fuel pump, bigger seventh injector and revised piggyback timimg computer. The butt dyno is impressed with the results, but judgement is reserved until actual dyno figures are achieved or the combination is tested in the real world at the track. As always, traction will be a limiting factor, but we are waiting patiently for the Volk GT-C wheels to become available again to upgrade the rubber (probably to Nitto 555).

The Stage 4 upgrade is only available to existing Stage 2 or 3 customers and completely removes any implied engine warranty! The kit is rated at +143 flywheel bhp over stock.

Photo courtesy of The Z Club Magazine. Also shown at Santa Pod are Frank Marino, Z31 300ZX Turbo and the late Gavin Balmer in his awesome Chevy engined Z32 300ZX.